SPECIAL ORDERS: Our production schedule fills up quickly and we would like to accommodate as many as possible.  Customers are encouraged to reserve a production slot date as soon as possible to have a higher chance of being accepted.  Anything not listed on the Today's Flavors and the Leesburg Store tabs are considered special orders.  Any orders requested with less than 2 weeks notice or during full production periods may be subject to a rush fee.  The following dates are -NOT available for special orders: 11/29-12/7

About Us

Trang Bowers is the founder of Sweetz.   She has been passionate about the culinary arts since childhood and thrives on making people happy with good food. She was on the path to attend culinary school to become a chef but family circumstances took her out of the kitchen and led her to a successful career as a CPA.

The draw of the kitchen was too great to give up completely and she maintained a dual career as an accountant while honing her skills as a specialty baker for the last 20 years. In 2009 Trang opened Sweetz Bakery with a mission of creating a custom gourmet bakery to service the Washington D.C. metropolitan area.