SPECIAL ORDERS: Our production schedule fills up quickly and we would like to accommodate as many as possible.  Customers are encouraged to reserve a production slot date as soon as possible to have a higher chance of being accepted.  Anything not listed on the Today's Flavors and the Leesburg Store tabs are considered special orders.  Any orders requested with less than 2 weeks notice or during full production periods may be subject to a rush fee.  The following dates are -NOT available for special orders: 11/29-12/7

Sweetz can provide a variety of single serving desserts for your special occasions.  There are many flavor possibilities available.  Any of the flavors or items on our cupcakes tab, specialty cakes tab, and Leesburg store tab can be turned into a single serving dessert.  Please consult with us on a case by case basis.



Mini Cake Truffle


Mini Parfait


Mini Push Pops


Mini Tarts


Mini Fresh Fruit Tarts


Mini Cream Puffs


French Macarons

vanilla, almond, raspberry, chocolate, lemon, pistachio, coconut, peanut butter


Mini Cookies


​​Mini Brownies
​Mini Blondies
​Mini Coconut Macaroons
​Mini Choc Dipped Coconut Macaroons