SPECIAL ORDERS: Our production schedule fills up quickly and we would like to accommodate as many as possible.  Special orders with at least 21 days notice have a higher chance of being accepted.  Anything not listed on the Today's Flavors and the Leesburg Store tabs are considered special orders.  The following dates are -NOT available for special orders:

 6/22-7/3  -  7/10 thru 7/19

Sweetz Bakery

1057 Edwards Ferry Road NE

Leesburg, VA, 20176

(Battlefield Shopping Center across from Costco)



Hours of Operation
Mon                   Closed

Tue-Sat              10:30-9

Sun                     11:30-6:30


Sat 4/15              10:30-6:00

Sun 4/16             Closed


Summer Hiatus

Closed from July 10 through July 17.  Reopen on Tuesday, July 18 at 10:30 a.m.

Contact Form

if sent between fri-sun, please allow until the following tuesday for reply; otherwise please allow up to 48 hours for reply.  please call our bakery if you need immediate response.

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