SPECIAL ORDERS: Our production schedule fills up quickly and we would like to accommodate as many as possible.  Special orders with at least 21 days notice have a higher chance of being accepted.  Anything not listed on the Today's Flavors and the Leesburg Store tabs are considered special orders.  Any orders requested with less than 1 week notice will be subject to a rush fee.  The following dates are -NOT available for special orders:   4/25-5/15,   8/19-8/28

Example of Cake Costing:

First determine now many servings are needed.  Choose cake tiers that will get closest to the total servings desired.  

For a 3-tiered cake to serve 125, we would suggest 14", 10", and 6" tiers to yield approximately 128 servings.  The base price before tax would be $832 (125 x $6.50).

For a 2-tiered cake to serve 50, we would suggest 10" and 6" tiers to yield approx 50 servings.  The base price before tax would be $325 (50 x $6.50)

Wedding Cake Size

Wedding Cake Servings

6" round


8" round


10" round


12" round


14" round


Sweetz can provide a variety of services for weddings including multi-tiered wedding cakes, wedding cupcakes, combo cutting cakes and cupcakes, and single serving desserts.  Visit our Cupcakes tab for detailed info about cupcakes.  Visit our Catering tab for detailed info about catering items.

Wedding cakes are priced based on the amount of servings, cake flavors and fillings, and decorations desired.  Base pricing begin at $6.50 per serving. Additional costs will apply for items such as flowers and elaborate decorations.  See our cake section for flavor selections.  Please note any cupcake can be translated into a cake.

Wedding cupcakes are priced by the cupcake.  Base pricing begins at $3.35 per cupcake.  There will be one free cupcake for each dozen cupcake ordered.  See our cupcake section for flavor selections.  Please note any cake can be translated to a cupcake.

A cupcake stand is also available for rent.  The cost is $85 if the stand is returned to us and $125 if we have to pick up the stand. The stand can be configured to accommodate approx 30 cupcakes at a minimum and up to 185 cupcakes at a maximum. 

Delivery costs are based on delivery distance and set up costs are custom priced  based on the wedding size. 

Wedding cake consultations are done by appointment only and should occur after tasting is completed.  Contact Sweetz for a tasting certificate and consultation appointment.​